Catti™: your turnkey solution to optimize your Customer Relationship management

Catti™: your turnkey solution to optimize your Customer Relationship management

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Customize turnkey solution easy-to-integrate in any existing system
SaaS or “on premises” ergonomic and customizable solution
Solution designed for any king of business
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Customizable and scalable services defined from your needs
A unique customer lifecycle management and loyalty program interface
All exclusive or “à la carte” services


Catti™ backs you in the design, the management and the animation of your Customer Relationship management


  • A scalable, innovative and easy-to-use solution
  • Saas or in-house solution
  • For large and small retailers, e-businesses, m-commerce, local shop, distance or local selling…
  • With Catti™, optimize your marketing campaigns without to focus on your heart of business
  • Analyze your customers behaviors in order to propose them tailored rewards
    and increase your turnover



Catti ™ Customer Relationship, a program that suits your needs


Catti™ manages and runs your multi channel and a multimedia Customer Relationship program

  • Catti™ allows your omni channel customers to
    • Grant points for you customers to enjoy rewards with the Catti™ single interface
    • Increase the amount of the average basket through a system of rewards for gift cards or prepaid
    • Develop new interactions with your customers according to their selected channel


  • Catti™ is a solution
    • Able to manage all your sales channels
    • Which allows you to automate and optimize your Customer Relationship and/or loyalty, rewards programs through a unique interface
    • That helps you to increase your customer base and optimize their buying experience

« Focus on your heart of business
in emancipating yourself from technical constraints »


Customer knowledge and marketing campaigns by Catti™


Customer CycleCatti™ provides the management and the safe hosting of your customer database

Catti™ helps you to

  • Know your customers and their expectations
  • Manage and segment your customer database
  • Enhance your loyalty program


Catti™ is a scalable and intuitive solution for

  • Targeting customers and prospects
  • Automating your loyalty and rewards programs (Gift cards or prepaid)
  • Building your own customer Management Software or integrating the solution in your pre existing environment


With Catti™, manage your entire program through

  • A efficient reporting
  • Detailed indicators and easy-to-understand statistics
  • Customized dashboards
  • Accounts monitoring
  • An optimized Customer segmentation
  • Loyalty program management
With Catti™, target your sales and marketing actions

  • Improve your customer retention rate
  • Increase your customers frequency of purchase
  • Suggest differentiating and attractive benefits
  • Communicate in a dedicated way
  • Widen your customer portfolio to increase your turnover
  • Manage your marketing campaigns in a dedicated way

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